Welcome To Anjuman-Qamarul-Islam Sulemania

In this developed world, the first and foremost condition for the survival and development of a nation is the acquisition of knowledge. That is why, Islam has always encouraged the Muslims to acquire education. Keeping these teachings in mind, Syed Shah Manzoor Hamdani laid the foundation of Anjuman Qamar ul Islam Sulemania in 1964.

Since then, the Anjuman has been involved in providing Islamic and modern education to the citizens of Pakistan. Anjuman provides this service free of cost to the needy and the talented, and at affordable costs to others. Along with the educational services, the Anjuman also provides free health care services, and shelter to the orphans.

At the moment, the Alumni of Anjuman are well placed worldwide. Some of our eminent Alumni are as follows:

  • Syed Ameen ul Hasanat (Currently Federal Religious Minister of Pakistan).
  • Dr Noor Ahmed Shahtaz (Member of Pakistan Ulema Council).
  • Dr Sohbat Khan Kohati.
  • Dr Abdul Wahab (U.K).
  • Professor Syed Abdul Rahman Bukhari.
  • Dr Owais Masoomi.

Currently, the following organizations are working under the roof of Anjuman Qamar ul Islam Sulemania.

  • Sulemania Secondary School .
  • Darul Uloom Anjuman Qamar ul Islam Sulemania.
  • Zia ul Quran Sulemania (For girls).
  • Qamar ul Islam Hospital.
  • Jamia Masjid Ali Haider Karrar.
  • Jamia Masjid Qamar ul Islam (Ikhlas).
  • Mohammadia Sulemania (Mianwala, Near Attock).