Qamar-ul-Islam Sulemania Hospital

Yet another achievement of the Anjumanan is Qamar-ul-Islam Hospital. Its an adequately equipped medical complex close to the centre of the large metropolitan city of Karachi. That’s why is serves not only the students of the Dar-ul-Uloom but also extends free medical facilities to a large portion of the metropolis poverty ridden population. From time to time, the Hospital keeps updating itself by procuring modern equipment from itself to provide better and more effective health care facilities. Presently, the complex has the following facilities.

  • Its own Pathological Lab, equipped with Microscopes, centrifuges, Spectrophotometer. Water bath and even. (In the same Lab it has a Blood Bank. In future, it plans to have a Blood Bank Refrigerator with a capacity of 396 bags.
  • It has its own X-ray Plan operated by qualified staff and supervised by a Radiologist. The Plant capacity is 300 Ma.
  • Department of Opthalmology
  • Diabetic Center.
  • Maternity Ward.
  • General Ward.
  • Dental Clinic 8.(In future the centre has planning to have hemodialyisi and other facilities).