Sulemania Sec School Clifton

Our beloved Syed Abul Hasan Shah Hamdani is the first person in Karachi who has started Modern School in Madaris and stared English, Maths, Science and Computer Education with Islamic Education. Now by the Grace of AlmightyALLAH when a student pass out from our institute he is not only expert in Islamic Education but also expert in Modern Education. Sulemania Secondary School is a sign of modern vision of Syed Abul Hasan Shah Manzoor Hamdani. It is established in 1993. At first it was giving education upto Primary level but now it is upgraded to Matric level following the Oxford Curriculum.

Because of Affordable Fee and quality education and due to Supervision and Efforts of Syed Abul Hasan Shah Hamdani it is counted as one of the famous school for quality education in the locality. Sports day, fun fair and other non-educational activities are also held in the school.